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Fiat - 500 A Topolino
Year: 1937
Prezzo su richiesta - P.O.R.
Alfa Romeo - Spider 1600 (115.07)
Year: 1973
Prezzo su richiesta - P.O.R.
Lancia - Flaminia GTL Touring 2.8 3C (826.140)
Year: 1964
Prezzo su richiesta - P.O.R.

Citroen - Mehari (Type AY CA)
Year: 1975
€ 15.900
Fiat - Panda 4x4 Sisley
Year: 1988
€ 5.300
Porsche - 911 GT3 RS Cup (Typ 991)
Year: 2015
Prezzo su richiesta - P.O.R.

Gilera - 150cc Turismo
Year: 1952
Prezzo su richiesta - P.O.R.
Moto Guzzi - 73cc "Cardellino" Turismo
Year: 1957
Prezzo su richiesta - P.O.R.
Motobecane - 175cc
Year: 1927
€ 12.000

Willys - Overland Jeep MB
Year: 1945
€ 26.900
Lancia - Augusta
Year: 1937
€ 32.000
Lancia - Fulvia 1.3 Saloon S2
Year: 1972
€ 8.900

Lancia - Fulvia 1.3S Coupè S2
Year: 1972
€ 16.900
MP Lafer - Lafer 1600
Year: 1978
Prezzo su richiesta - P.O.R.
Porsche - 911 3.0 SC Targa
Year: 1978
€ 44.900

Alfa Romeo - Spider 1600 (115A2)
Year: 1991
Prezzo su richiesta - P.O.R.
Porsche - 912 Coupe'
Year: 1968
€ 49.900
Porsche - 356 A 1500 Speedster
Year: 1955
Prezzo su richiesta - P.O.R.

Alfa Romeo - Alfasud Sprint Quadrifoglio Verde (902A5C)
Year: 1987
€ 10.900
Triumph - TR4 Sport
Year: 1964
Prezzo su richiesta - P.O.R.
Mercedes Benz - 220 SEb Cabriolet (W111)
Year: 1963
€ 98.000

Alfa Romeo - Giulia Sprint GT Veloce 1600 (105.36)
Year: 1965
€ 59.000 € 54.900
Alfa Romeo - GTV 2000 (105.21)
Year: 1972
€ 35.000
Fiat - 2300 S Coupè
Year: 1963
€ 36.000

Triumph - TR 3A
Year: 1959
Prezzo su richiesta - P.O.R.
Alfa Romeo - Spider 1300 Junior
Year: 1968
Prezzo su richiesta - P.O.R.
Ferrari - Testarossa (F110 AB)
Year: 1990
€ 115.000

Triumph - Spitfire 1500
Year: 1977
€ 16.000 € 14.900
Porsche - 911 2.4 S Coupè
Year: 1973
€ 145.000

The Italian Job 13/10/2018

Thanks to the close collaboration with the company DRIIVE CLASSIC and CLOS BROTHERS AGENCY we filmed a shortcurt about the history of the company from the beginning to nowadays. Coming soon available on social media YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Follow us to join the passion of classic cars world.

luzzago 1975 srl headquarter of Asi certification 2018 11/10/2018

Visit Website: www.mwvcc.it

PADOVA EXPO 2018 04/10/2018

Visit Website: https://autoemotodepoca.com/

Expo Verona Legend Cars 4-5-6 May 2018 28/04/2018

Visit Website: http://www.veronalegendcars.com/en/

Lotti Porto Marina Excellence - Golfo di La Spezia 05/03/2018

We give our customers the chance to buy or exchange with a classic car a boat docking in the prestigious Lotti Porto of the wonderful La Spezia gulf.
The available sizes are:
15 X 5 B2 Category - Pier A number 72
15 X 5 B2 Category - Pier A number 74
20 X 6 D category - Pier C number 42

Do not hesitate to contact us for further informations and dockland's site plan.

Visit website: www.portolotti.com.it

Visit Website: www.portolotti.com.it

Alfa Romeo GTV6 1986 29/11/2017

6 under appreciated cylinders! Powerful and aggressive! grrr

Alfa Romeo GT Junior 1300 1971 26/10/2017

Bertone didn't stop to the 60's curvy shape but he kept on galvanizing Alfa Romeo lovers designing another legend.
The car shot by the polish photographer Piotr Ciechomski is a 1971 GT JUNIOR 1300.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint speciale 1963 23/10/2017

A masterpiece of art enclosed in an aluminium body thanks to the great designer Bertone.

We make the myths reborn 23/10/2017

Since 1975 we select the best classic cars and we restore them with pride and passion.
A short film dedicated to all our friends, customers and enthusiastics who made the history of our business.

Visit Website: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iK3ggpVZXo&t=9s

MGA problem solved 17/10/2017

We thank our friend Robert and his wife Gabrielle for visiting us and having solved together a little problem to their beautiful MGA.
Unfortunately on their way to Montecarlo a universal joint of the drive shaft broke down.

Shooting by PetroleheadGirl @ Luzzago CORVETTE C2 STING RAY 1967 13/10/2017

From Poland with passion the photographer PetrolheadGirl spent a day with us shooting the Beast dressed in yellow.
Powerful, light, aggressive, but at the same time charming and unique.
The excellence of american muscle car enclosed in an incomparable legend.
A "Sting Ray" with a powerful 427 V8 Chevy engine fitting 430 wild hp enclosed under a fiberglass body.
Available from today in our showroom.

Fiera degli sposi Pala Banco di BresciA 10/10/2017

Come to visit us at the Wedding Exhibition on the 7th and 8th of October at the Pala Banco in Brescia, you will be able to admire our beautiful cars ready for your next big event.

Visit Website: http://www.fieresposi.it/fiera-sposi-brescia-autunno-visita/

Fenaroli Wedding feat PhotoGEK and Luzzago 02/10/2017

Thanks to a close cooperation with Fenaroli Wedding and PhotoGEK from today your memories will have a new image.
Photo by Gloria Fenaroli and Rodolfo Rudy Fenaroli

Visit Website: http://photogek.com/

Festival Motori Montichiari 27/09/2017

Organized by the Montichiari HRC Club we exhibit at the n.8 stand Mantova on the 29th and 30th of September.
We will bring car to purchase and to rent.
See you there.

Visit Website: http://www.centrofiera.it/fair-first/139

ASI approval at Luzzago 1975 srl 11/06/2017

Starting from November 4th Luzzago became partner and location for the ASI omologations thanks to the Brescia MUSICAL WATCH VETERAN CAR CLUB's support, which has more than 2000 members.
The next event will take place in April 2018.

We advise our Dear Customers that we are at your disposal to help you omologating your cars.
We can prepare them as well as all the related documentation to obtain the ASI top degree.

Shooting By Federico Bajetti @ Luzzago FORD MUSTANG MACH 1 1970 14/04/2017

Photoshooting Ford Mustang MACH 1 by Federico Bajetti @Luzzago1975srl

The Outlierman - New Collection 26/09/2016

The Outlierman presents The Stylish Globetrotter, their new traveling line which reinterprets the legendary on the road trip's charm through an exclusive design and the unique italian handmade manufacture.

The Stylish Globetrotter is pure driving passion.
It's the road trip essence synthesized by The Outlierman designers team that you can find in their garment bags, trolleys, cases for everything and tie cases, entirely conceived and handmade in Italy, absolutely unique and exclusive in every detail.

The Stylish Globetrotter expands and enriches The Outlierman offer with and iconic line which contains and celebrate all of the brand's deep values: quality for materials and manufacture, attention for the details, pursuit of a distinctive and charismatic style, the four-wheels passion.

Visit Website: www.theoutlierman.com

Luzzago meet European excalibur Club 06/04/2016

We warmly thank the Club Excalibur Europa for being our guests and have shared many beautiful emotions.
For more informations we suggest to visit www.excalibur-cars.eu or to contact +41796115050

Visit Website: www.excalibur-cars.eu


We look for collaborators to cover our network in Italy and abroad.
The person interested to work with us searching and selling cars can let us know sending an email to retevendita@luzzago.com


Unforgettable moments...

Specialized in classic cars restoration 27/10/2015

Since 1975 we take care of Your cars and with the same passion we carry on doing it.
Experts for more than 40 years at restoring prestigious brands such as Jaguar, Triumph, MG, Mercedes and Alfa Romeo.
We work day after day on this four wheels myths.

Pebble Beach Concourse of Elegance 2015 10/09/2015

We thank our dear friend Jim Gianopulos, Twentieth Century Fox's President and CEO and also owner of this wonderful Alfa Romeo 2500 6c Pininfarina, who sends to us from Pebble Beach the picture of his vehicle registered at the competition.
The car was restored by Luzzago 1975 srl in 2013.


We thank our Dear Friend Emilio Agiato and all his Club Alfa Classic de France for visiting us from Paris.
Thank you and see you next year!!!

Shooting by Federico Bajetti @Luzzago LANCIA STRATOS HF 1974 06/05/2015

Ahead of time, built to scare, maybe misunderstood. Three great brands enclosed in one winning project.

Alfa Romeo parts, you can get all you need to restore your Alfa 04/02/2015

From today at Luzzago 1975 srl you will find a wide range of spare parts for your Alfa Romeo:
Giulia / Giulietta Spider
Giulia / Giulietta Sprint
2000/2600 Sprint
GT Junior
Sud / Sprint
GT / V / 6
2000/2600 Touring

For further informations please fill the form "Parts" or contact us at +39.0302411531 or via email at ricambi@luzzago.com

Visit Website: ricambi@luzzago.com

Trofeo AIDO 2009 22/03/2009

Valerio Luzzago driving one of his favourite english vehicle, the Triumph TR3A, at the "Trofeo AIDO Brescia 2009".

by WebIntelligente.eu